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Back up of your datas, it’s essential!  

It’s essential to do, on a regular basis, a backup of your datas for each machining center.  It requires few resources  compared to the results of a total loss of datas on the hard ...


New videos will be avaible sooner.  Thank you for your patience.

Preventive maintenance : prevention is better than the cure!  

Any equipment requires a special attention in terms of preventive maintenance.  It is therefore imperative to closely follow the suppliers recommandations maintenance because everytime the ...

New partnership with Locatelli Macchine  

2015 Sep 1 - Drolet Machinerie is proud to announce its new partnership with the Italian company, LOCATELLI MACCHINE, specialized in wood-turning equipment. Recognized for over 50 years for their wide range of ...

Wood industry  

2006 Aug 1 - A manufacturer from metropolitain area specialized in office furmitures production has proceed with a major investment with the acquirement of an automatization center for his operations. This ...

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