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Maintenance training for CNC equipments

Drolet Machinerie inc. offers training programs to your employees for the maintenance of your equipment or in the application of a regular schedule. We can make this training to our office or in your company.

Drolet Machinerie inc. also offers service training to your employees on your CNC equipment and softwares, already in place at a competitive price.

Don’t forget, employees properly trained in operation and maintenace will garanty you a maximum rentability on your investments.

Reverse ingineering

Our programmers can implement all the parameters for the manufacturer of parts whose programmation is not or no longer available.

They can digitize an original 2D and 3D. The computer files .DXF, .STI, .IV, .IGS and others.

Personnalized programmation & optimisation of operations

If you want to optimize the performance of your CNC or develop new programs, our programmer team offers you the solution.

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