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Parts order

You can send your requests or parts orders online at the following address : or contact Johanne Pelletier at 819-474-2149.

We have a large inventory or origine parts to meet your needs.

Preventive maintenance targeted

Our engineers can assess the condition of your equipment to determine which parts to replace and to plan the various interventions to come. Before, the warranty period ends, we recommend you to prevail of it.

Maintenance contract

To assure a continuos maintenance of quality (diagnostics of equipment, calibration, planning repairs, etc. ) we offer maintenance contracts. The history of your equipment (Numerical control, Thermoforming etc...) is related to the experience of our technicians allow us to make a proper follow-up to optimize the performance of your equipment.

You can contact Serge Garant to schedule an appointment with a technician at 819-474-2149.

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